Web Seminar: IDP Through Certification

I attended a NCARB (National Council of Architectural Registration Boards) Webinar today given by Harry Falconer Jr. (AIA, Director, IDP) and Nick Serfass (AIA LEED AP, Assistant Director, IDP). They presented a general overview of the Intern Development Program (IDP) for architects and the Architect Registration Examination (ARE) also discussing various updates. Changes of note: the ARE now consists of 7 parts instead of 9, the NCARB now has a relatively new process for entering hours called the Electronic Experience Verification Reporting System (e-EVR), and the time frame for entering hours has now changed. Introducting the Six-Month Rule, interns will now have a maximum period of six months to report their hours. This goes into effect for ALL interns July 1st, 2010. If you joined the NCARB before July 1st, 2009, relax, you still have some time to enter those long overdue hours. I keep using “hours” when really interns report credits (1 credit = 8 hours). However, this will change after January 1st, 2010. It will be hour for hour totaling 5600hrs to complete the program (still equals 700 credits).

If any of the above makes sense to you, then I encourage you to check the NCARB website every now and again for changes. Also check out the IDP Guidelines which are frequently updated.

If all of the above just seemed like I was throwing acronyms around (which is partially true) then all I ask is that you agree with the fact that I learned all this stuff from the comfort of my room and that’s pretty cool. The webinar was highly informative and attendees were able to directly ask questions to the authorities. The webcast should be available for download in approximately two weeks.

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