Mirror’s Edge – More Than Just A Game

Posted by Cruxis Mana on Neoseeker

Posted by Cruxis Mana on Neoseeker

I just got this game a couple days ago, and needless to say I am far from disappointed. This isn’t just a game, it’s a visual experience. I am a big fan of adventure genres, but I’m not too fond of gun-play. A friend suggested Mirror’s Edge explaining that it’s a momentum driven game based on the urban sport Parkour and it can be completed with very little shooting. Played in a unique first person perspective, you run through the city leaping, sliding, and climbing while being guided by color. The environments are stunning. Everything is crisp and engaging and because of the perspective you really take notice of the detail in textures. You don’t have to be an architect to appreciate the effort that went into making the buildings’ exteriors and interiors.


Mirror’s edge is very different from so many games out there (which I think makes it appealing). However, it’s because of those distinctive features that many important people had doubts about it succeeding. What! No major weaponry, shoot-outs, or car chases! Fortunately, the creators at DICE (Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment) stuck to “their guns” and their core ideas. They studied all the physical movements and focused on creating game play that is believable. You can read about their journey and see sketches and video of their process here in Making Mirror’s Edge: Behind the Scenes at Dice written by Matt Leone. Below is the game trailer for Mirror’s Edge.

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