Quest for Quill

In the previous post, I was on a mission to find crazy chandeliers. Naturally, one link leads to another intriguing link, which leads to another… Anyway I came across this article, Glass Chandelier Sparkles at National 3D Awards, which discusses glass artists Jim Dennison and Leanne Williams whose piece Quill won the national award. The Molly Morpeth Canaday 3D Award is the only national contest for glass artists in New Zealand. Of course, I had to see Quill which is described by a judge as “a beautiful and extravagant object.” Quill along with twenty other pieces are being exhibited at the Whakatane District Museum and Gallery. Now I suspect the following image is Quill, but I found nothing on the gallery site confirming this.


Easy enough puzzle to solve right? Just go to the creators’ website: Jim Dennison and Leanne Williams a.k.a The Crystal Chain Gang and look at their documentation. Alas, I found nothing specific to Quill, but what I did find were some unique pieces, my favorite being Gloria from Prime Cuts. Another piece I thought to mention, is Slaughtered from their Slaughtered series. Once featured in the Danish museum GlasmuseetEbeltoft, Slaughtered “explores the interwoven relationship between cultural icons, colonialism and identity.”



Can anyone confirm the Quill conundrum?

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