.net’s Top 20 Web Designers

The people at .net decided compile a list of who they considered to be The World’s Top 20 Web Designers. They interviewed each one asking questions such as where do they find their inspiration, what other designers impress them, and what advice do they have for up and coming designers. Of course, not everyone is going to agree with this list and they probably welcome the differences of opinion (I know I do, feel free to post your thoughts). I myself have only gone through the first five designers. I lost track of time clicking through their projects and recommendations.

Things of note so far: The Eco Zoo created by Roxik aka Masayuki Kido who also won .net’s Awards Interactive Site of the Year. The Eco Zoo is an engaging interactive 3D site that gives kids tips about what they can do to help the environment. A playful idea was using that of a pop-up book. I enjoyed navigating around (and I’m an adult) and wished that there was more to explore.

Eco Zoo by Roxik

Another designer, Fabio Sasso, mentions his blog Abduzeedo, which showcases his work and the work of others. You can find tutorials, wallpapers, interviews, and free graphic design resources. A post that immediately caught my eye, was about the work of a young graphic designer named Anthony Giacomino. He has already been published in Advanced Photoshop Magazine and designed sites for professional athletes.

Tangled by Anthony Giaco

Tangled by Anthony Giacomino

Right now, I have to take a break, but I’m sure as I continue reading I’ll find more things of note to post. It’s too exciting not to.

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  1. thanks for the nice words, I’m flattered.

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