Watercolor Photoshop Tutorials

I must say that I had a lot of fun doing these watercolor tutorials, maybe even a little bit too much fun. Both are found on the psd tuts+ site and both were written by Fabio Sasso, the Brazilian web designer mentioned in my earlier post .net’s Top 20 Web Designers. The first tutorial, Dynamic Recessed Watercolor Typography, uses a variety of brushes and vector art (mostly free) to create a vibrant color rich wallpaper. The second tutorial, Create Cool Watercolor Effects in Photoshop, uses one set of brushes (completely free) to make a playful yet stylish image.

Sometimes when I do tutorials, I don’t follow everything to the letter. I try to get the basic techniques and improvise. The final result is usually an interesting surprise. With the watercolor typography tutorial, I opted to use different brushes, text, and vector art from the author; the final wallpaper is below. I’m still deciding whether or not I like it.

My Watercolor Wallpaper

My Watercolor Wallpaper

I went a tad bit beyond what was required for the cool watercolor effects tutorial, but I think it works. I used several pictures of a friend of mine to create the image. They are from one of our camera wars. I always lost because my Nikon was considerably slower, but that’s another story…

My Watercolor Collage

My Watercolor Collage

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  1. I like your work here…if possible, share some tech-details…keep blogging!


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