Vector Wallpaper Tutorial with C4d Render

Tamia Wallpaper Tutorial

Tamilia Wallpaper Tutorial

Here is another wicked tutorial written by Tamilia on deviantART. However, before I started, there was some research to be done. I had never heard of C4d Render and I wondered if I would be able to actually do the tutorial. C4d is short for Cinema 4d which is a high-end 3d computer graphics program produced by Maxon. Used for animation, lighting, textures, modeling, and rendering, C4d is quite popular among artists and film makers. It also has its own scripting language known as C.O.F.F.E.E.

The common element mentioned in reviews I read was that this program was very easy to use. I myself prefer 3d Studio Max. While it’s not too easy to use, you can achieve excellent results, which I imagine would be equal to that of Cinema 4d. I found this forum discussing which software is better. If you have used both let me know what you think. Nevertheless, I definitely would like to take Cinema 4d out for a test drive.

Now back to the tutorial. As it turns out you can download free C4d Render Packs that are Photoshop ready. I used Drown Me Slowly from Render Pack 07 by Angelus-Hellion. Tamilia used a series of floral and star brushes in her tutorial. I, on the other hand, used ink and Spirograph brushes previously loaded into my brush library from Brusheezy. My result is below.

My Wallpaper Result

My Wallpaper Result

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  1. incredible wallpaper art

  2. haha, WICKED!


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