Express Yourself! with Schtickers, Coolors, & Blik

Charles Wright said it best, but thee following companies really provide the means to express yourself! In an age of mass production, we often look for ways to make things more distinct, making our mark by showing sprinklings of our personality.

Red DJ Turntable Schticker

First to free us from the mundane is Schtickers. Schtickers is a design company that specializes in providing decorative decals for your laptop and iPod. They are community oriented supporting the arts and social services with a portion of each purchase donated to charity. schtickers2There are a wide variety of designs to choose from which include textures, fine art, modern, solids, retro, and of course there is an option for even more customization. I was thrilled to see a decal by Banksy, a graffiti artist whose work is wrought with humor and satire. He recently had an exhibition in the Bristol Museum with more than 100 hundred of his pieces mixed in with the museum’s collection. Watch the preview Banksy vs Bristol Museum.


Next up is Coolors, an Italian based company that spruces up your refrigerator (and cabinets, and stove, and walls, and…). With silk screened panels, Coolors’s products make all the other kitchens in the neighborhood jealous . Their current catalog has designs in bright colors with flowers, shapes, and swirls and special patterns in black and white. Why stop there? You can now add glitter or Swarovski crystals to the motif. There is also the option to use an image of your own. God bless Italy!


Finally, is a company I applaud. I remember looking at their website a while ago and even then being impressed with their idea and what they had to offer. Since then their business and their collection has expanded tremendously and they just revamped their website. Blik is a graphics company (not to be confused with Blick) that makes creative wall decals. It’s a great alternative to wallpaper or painting, after all not everyone is Michelangelo.


Blik decals can be used indoor and outdoor with a life span ranging from 1 – 3 years. They are made from a thin adhesive matte vinyl film and seamlessly blend on your wall. Removal is easy, just peel and slowly lift. There is also Blik Re-Stick decals that can be repositioned and reused. Their unique collection is booming and offers everything from plants, to classic game scenes, to headboards. The possibilities and combinations are endless. They also have a gallery that shows off custom projects for which they’ve been commissioned. If you get some blik, don’t hold back. This guy didn’t.

“So I got these awesome wall decals from and after they were put up, we really wanted to “Play” Super Mario. So we made it so the wall is interactive! So now, if you walk in my office and jump up to touch a coin or mushroom, they make the actual sound from the game! The speaker is in the ceiling tile right by the door. And yes, I am aware how high the nerd factor is on this one! ”

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