Funky Fresh 3D Typography Tutorial

Nik Ainley’s tutorial will probably take you a shorter time than I did, considering that I kept stopping and starting to do other things. I estimate about 1-2 hours. Warning: this tutorial isn’t as detailed as most. I think it is written, with a user who is more experienced with Photoshop in mind. There are also steps where you are allowed a lot of creative freedom, which is fine with me since I tend to take liberties with tutorials anyway. One thing notably different that I did was instead of using a 3d program like 3d Studio Max to create the text, I used the 3D Effect in Illustrator. Below is my result.

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  1. Justine Sarafin

     /  May 16, 2010


    how to add 3D ( Xara ) to photoshop….?

    • Hello,
      Thanks for checking out my blog. I have never used Xara, but maybe this video on YouTube can help you.


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