Design Inspiration: Todd Alan Breland

I’m not entirely sure how I was introduced to the work of this artist. Todd Alan Breland is a skilled graphic designer who has already made quite a mark, working with brands like Absolut Vodka, Boost Mobile, and Coco-Cola (I prefer Pepsi, but he’s got that covered too). Breland has a distinct fluid style, primarily incorporating the female form. His inspiration comes from everything around him, while his major artistic influences are Alphonse Mucha and pop-art icon Roy Lichtenstein.

Breland, who never would have guessed that graphic design would become his profession, is now the Creative Director at RYZ, an outerwear company that wants to “challenge convention.” One of the things I loved about RYZ was their approach towards their label The Slash. “Located on the side of each heel, The Slash is a minimal branding effort to allow more room for our artists to shine. Think of our shoes as fine art.” Actually Breland is the winner of one of the RYZ competitions. The image of his shoe Trust is shown below. Take a gander at his selected works or read more about the artist himself in an interview by Coke Art.

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  1. Woah. TOO Cool. I love stories like this!


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