flickr Highlight: Harpagornis’s Photostream

This is the first in the series of which I call flickr Highlights. For those of you who don’t know, Flickr is an online photo management and sharing application that allows individuals to upload and share their images with the world (or the select few they choose). Shared content can range from pictures taken at a birthday party to photos used for a professional portfolio. You can add contacts, join groups, and persons can comment on your photos.

Anyway, the goal of this series is to share with you photostreams that I think are interesting, quirky, or simply just stunning. Thomas Bölke’s (Hargapornis) photostream falls under the category of interesting and stunning. I deduce he is a biologist with a passion for photography. I say deduce because his personal website is in German. German is number 5 on my list of languages to learn after Spanish, Italian, French, and Portuguese. I encourage you to sit back, relax, and enjoy his slideshows particularly in the categories of Nature, Lightpaintings/NightshotsCreative, and HDR.

Nature Slideshow

Lightpaintings/Nightshots Slideshow

Creative Slideshow

HDR Slideshow

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