Liquid Text & Some LogoSauce

I think there is nothing wrong with a little healthy competition. It pushes you to work harder, develop skills, and learn from your peers. That’s why I like the site logosauce. Create an account for free and you can upload logos that you’ve done for clients or just for the fun of it. Then there’s the competitions page (my favorite). Businesses need logos and instead of going through a specific design agency, some pitch their needs as a competition on logosauce. They describe what they want, sometimes in great detail or no detail at all, and offer prize money (no less than $200) to the designer that captured their concept.

To me it’s a win win situation. They get access to multiple designers and logo interpretations and I get:

  • to hone my skills
  • a chance to win some cash
  • practice interpreting a client’s needs (stimulate those brain cells)
  • to view the creations of other designers and get inspiration

Not bad for a couple hours of work. Click to go to my logosauce profile.

I said all this because I entered a competition in which the client wanted their logo to be colorful and have the appearance of liquid.
Client: HP Spartacote
Competition: Abstract
Product: Concrete Dyes

The liquid text effect was new to me, so I found 2 tutorials. Both processes were different, but the results were similar.

Tutorial #1 Liquid Text Photoshop Tutorial on Moe’s Realm

I followed all the steps,but to achieve my desired result: I used a colorful background image found on Google instead of the wood grain. In the end, I made an inverse selection of the text and deleted the background leaving the multicolor text. I also added some highlights to a few letters by creating a gradated shape (radial, white to transparent), rasterizing it, and lowering the opacity. Font used – Argos from urbanfonts.

Tutorial #2 Reflective Liquid Type Photoshop Tutorial by Al Ward

Again, I followed almost all of the steps of this tutorial using the same colorful image from before and having only the text remain. However, I added a few more top layers playing with the blend modes. Font used – Avocado from urbanfonts.

I’m drawn more to my first image because of the font choice, but I love the reflectiveness of the second. Anyway, there is usually more than one way to achieve an effect. Experiment and have fun.

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  1. Hi Pindshav

    Great article and thanks for the Logosauce mention. I like the way you segway into the Liquid Text tutorial. It’s always good to see someones motivation for doing something.


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