When some Cosmic Space and a Galaxy got together

I subscribe to some really cool design blogs, two of which being BlogSpoon Graphics written by Chris Spooner, and Dzine Blog. Why do I like them? Well, they have really interesting and relevant content like tutorials, design principles, resources, and list of some of the best graphics/sites/designers on the web. Not to mention, they don’t flood my inbox. I’ve subscribed to some sites where the share volume of emails can become overwhelming, particularly if you miss a day or two. BlogSpoon Graphics and Dzine Blog sends just the right amount and are a constant source of inspiration.

Great! (but what does this have to do with space?) A couple weeks ago Chris Spooner wrote a tutorial on how to Design a Beautiful Cosmic Space Scene in Photoshop. Intrigued, I marked the email and set it aside to complete later. A few days later Dzine Blog released their own tutorial on how to Create Your Own Galaxy. So I’m thinking it’s in the stars (pun intended) to combine the two. Of course that meant I had to complete each one first.

First up was Create Your Own Galaxy. I must say I followed this one very loosely, so my result lacks in intensity compared to theirs. Towards the end I simply read what they did. The tricks I learned however, are priceless.

Next, was Design a Beautiful Cosmic Space Scene. The comparative result is below. With this tutorial the images you choose to work with will greatly effect the outcome and may require extra tweaking to get it to look right.

I must say I was quite excited to combine techniques from both tutorials. Below is “their child.” Feel free to save as a wallpaper if you would like and do please check out the above mentioned blogs.

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