Vistaprint Design Challenge Entries

For those of you who don’t know, Vistaprint is like the business marketing company for small businesses. Their services include printed marketing materials, promotional products, copyrighting, websites/web-hosting, and postcard mailing. I like to think of it as your online one-stop-business-shop. They cater to many business types, so their design models are quite extensive, but even though they have their own creative staff they do recognize that there are other artists out there with ideas. That’s why they recently hosted a Design Challenge (August 4th, 2010 – October 4th, 2010).

You could submit as many original entries as you wanted for either business cards or t-shirt designs. Each accepted business card entry earns you $250 and each accepted t-shirt entry is $150.
“Once at least one design is accepted, you’ll also be eligible for $20,000 in additional bonus prizes:
* Grand Prize ($5,000) – 2 Winners
* Best of Theme Prize ($1,000) – 6 Winners
* Best “Freestyle” Prize ($1,000) – 4 Winners”

I chose to submit only business cards. Unfortunately, I didn’t leave myself much time so I created 5 entries in about 18 hours. The themes were Bold, Fashion & Accessories, Health & Wellness, and Other. I either used photographs that I had taken, graphics created by other artists free for commercial and personal use, or simple objects that I could create and modify in Photoshop. Each entry required a back, front, and accent image. The accent images were a challenge for me because when I originally started thinking about the designs, I only considered the front. Making the back relate to the front was easy, but then I had to make a usable logo that related too. Below are my submissions. They are slightly different than the original entries because in the competition the text had to be added on the Vistaprint site and they don’t give you a copy of the final image (or I can’t find it).

Here are my accent images.

Lessons learned for next time: start earlier and consider ALL parts of the design. Vistaprint has created a gallery on flick’r of the approved entries. Check it out!

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