Revibrant! Say What!?!

So last week, I felt this strong urge to sketch and work on a typography piece. I didn’t have a particular concept in mind, but I just had to DO SOMETHING. Question is, what word or phrase do I use? Answer: ask the Random Word Generator (Plus). You choose the word type and then the complexity. I went for Type: Adjective, Complexity: Obscure, and kept sifting through the words until it pumped out one that spoke to me. That word was revibrant. Pardon me? I thought it was so obscure that they made it up. I couldn’t find it anywhere online (even spell check is telling me it’s wrong), but it does exist as a footnote in The Random House Dictionary of the English Language (with no definition). So here’s what I think it means: animated again with vigor and energy. Below is my sketch and final piece I created using both Illustrator and Photoshop.


Hand Sketch


Final Image


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  1. I find another good random word generator to use is Moving the words around helps me to put ideas together in my mind.


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