Things you didn’t even know you wanted

I was going through my things and I found an issue of SkyMall that I grabbed last year on a trip to Maine. For those of you that don’t know, SkyMall magazine is a catalog available on most airlines offering all kinds of merchandise for sale. You can place your orders over the phone or online. I love looking through SkyMall because it introduces me to items I never knew existed or things I would have never even considered buying until that moment. How come I don’t have a pair these Deluxe (fully adjustable) Digital Massage Boots? Anyway, here are a some items I want to mention from the Summer 2010 issue:

The Peaceful Progression Wake Up Clock

This alarm clock provides the gentler way to wake up. Using gradually increasing light, scents, and calming sounds, the Peaceful Progression stirs you awake over a half an hour period. At the end of the cycle it beeps, but by then it shouldn’t be shock to your senses. I use a cruder system. I set the alarm on my phone 30 minutes prior to and then exactly to when I want to rise. The first alarm startles me. Then I return to sleep dreading the next one.


The Telephoto Lens for the iPhone

I don’t own an iPhone, but for those of you that do and use it as your main camera you may want to consider this bundle. This 8x optical zoom lens comes with it’s own case that snaps onto your iPhone and a collapsible aluminum mini tripod. The lens screws into place so you don’t have to worry about it falling/sliding off. There’s no mention of a case for the lens, so I hope it’s built tough. Lenses for actual DSLrs require special care.

The Vuzix Wrap 230

Watch movies with something that looks like it was snatched straight from a movie. Vuzix has created this sunglass-style video eyewear that allows for a 46-inch display as seen from 10 feet. Watch 2d and 3d movies from any device that has a composite video-out connection. Use an adapter to connect to a laptop/desktop. Basic features include dual displays with independent focus adjustments and removable in ear noise isolating stereo earbuds. Currently, there are two other models, the Wrap 920 and the Wrap 310XL.

The “Do-It-Yourself” DJ System

Mix your own tracks and have a party (literally). The portable “Do-It-Yourself” DJ connects to your computer (PC or Mac) and with the Mix Vibes software you can use your own music to mix and scratch masterpieces. Features include two performance platters, crossfading, starting cues, transitions, looping, and pitch, bass and treble controls. You can even record and playback your mixes. Better yet, the system runs off of the power of your own computer.

AquaBells Travel Weights

Want to work out while traveling without any extra weight/wait? Aquabells have developed collapsible dumbells that fit in your luggage. By filling the leak proof weights with water, they can expand up to 32lbs (16lbs each). There is no metal and the 13inch knurled bars have a cushion grip. The set includes 8 weights, 2 bars, and  two 4lb capacity ankle weights. Never forfeit your workout again.


The Genesis Sparkling Water/Soda Kit

You’ve heard of making your own ice cream, well now you can make your own soda. SodaStream has created the Genesis home soda maker. Simply fill the SodaStream bottle with water, screw it in the carbonator and push start. For sparkling water, that’s all it takes. If you want soda add one of their 25 available flavors (diet included). There’s no high fructose corn syrup or aspartame. One bottle of sodamix makes approximately 33 cans of soda.

Hope I piqued your curiosity. Find more items you never knew you wanted at SkyMall online.

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  1. dude! i want the eyeglasses so freaking bad!!!
    i heard about the sparkling water soda kit in an infomercial at like 4 in the morning.
    cool shit man.

  2. How’s the soda maker?! That would be awesome for hosting a party!! I really want that!

  3. WOW! That zoom lens for the iPhone is some serious stuff!!! LOVE the idea of the alarm – I hate waking up in the morning.

  4. The telephoto lens for the iPhone is very cool, I like the look. It seems a good option for photography through iphone. Cool….

  5. Wow these are definitely some interesting products that I would have never considered! You know there are people on the edge of technology (or wannabe techies) who are right on top of anything new and shiny. I am definitely curious now to try some of these, such as the alarm clock, the DJ system, and the soda kit. Cool read thank you for this!

  6. I thought I’d leave a comment since I found this post pretty funny…
    I love Skymall magazine too. I’ve been tempted to buy a bunch of stuff from it but never have 😛


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