Hot Artwork for Your Feet

Shoe fanatics brace yourselves. Husband and wife team, Philip and Courtney Mason, are creating shoes that will rock your world! It’s Fine Art for your feet as each shoe is hand painted by them in fun funky flirty designs and colors. Their business goes by the name Studio Jellyfish located in Miami, but you can order their one-of-a-kind pieces online. Every shoe has a name, back story, and a pretty price tag (I did say it’s fine art). Want to have your own shoe story? They will work with you to create the custom piece of your dreams. They use top products, special durable paint, then seal the shoes with a clear coat, but just like a regular shoe it can be scuffed, so be careful! Fashionistas, don’t want your shoes to walk alone? Studio Jellyfish also designs handbags and men don’t feel left out. I’m sure they can design some kick-butt custom kicks for you too. Kudos to their style, skill, and creativity.

My shoes lean toward the converse variety and I hardly ever post about fashion, so how did I come to know of Studio Jellyfish? Well I entered the 2011 Fiat SEMA Design Challenge (my entry here) and so did Courtney Mason. She posted her work on the Fiat USA facebook page and it caught my eye. It linked to her portfolio: Punky Chicken, which included shoes by Studio Jellyfish. The rest is history (well this post). You’ll want to check out more of her work.

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  1. OMG love these shoes, Thank you for posting on my wall earlier, I checked out your blog too, its cool will be visiting again 🙂

  2. The shoes are just lovely! I am so loving the one with dripping paint!


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