MTV Celebrates the Unconventional

MTV Extreme Cribs Banner

I took a quick lunch break and turned on the telly looking for something to fill my half an hour. It didn’t have to be ground breaking, just entertaining.  Surprisingly, I got both from MTv’s new edition of Cribs called Extreme Cribs. Honestly I was expecting even more ridiculously opulent homes (30 car garages instead of 10), but what I got were tours of architecturally offbeat and sustainable residences. From the 2 episodes I watched (my fascination extended my lunch break) I saw houses shaped like onions and pyramids and explored a completely rockin’ off the grid tree house. Like the original cribs, the owners show you around themselves, so you hear about the history and the quirks. I must say I’m really pleased with the new avenue MTv has taken. Watch the trailer below to see what oddities Extreme Cribs has to offer. Right now, MTv has free full episodes on their website. so take a break and take a few tours.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I have only checked out like two minutes of one episode and I’m already hooked.
    I just started a new series on my blog that talks about the relationship of film and architecture, it might be a little more interesting to you than my usual post. It might be the first post I’m actually proud of 😛



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