METROPLASTIQUE Fashion Card Anyone?

With names like Supakitch and Koralie, don’t ever expect the ordinary and when these 2 street artists come together to bring you their chic fashion love child called Metroplastique, sparks fly. Supakitch is a master at mixing media, print, paint, ink, spray paint, whatever moves him, while Koralie ingeniously combines cultures into intricate characters. It was a video of them creating a stunning wall piece that captured my attention. You know how much I love street artists, if you don’t, click here. Their work is unlike anything I have ever seen. Watch this short video filmed by Elroy (from my earlier post today) and get  a glimpse of how the magic happens. Then scroll down and check out Metroplastique fashions (my favorite is the Jupe Wild dress).

Jupe Wild Dress

Robe Bigbow

Nag Champa

Tishpad Mili

Wild V-Neck

Wendy Sue



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  1. Amazing video of them working together! Thanks for sharing will have to take a look at more of their work. Also loving the first dress with feather pattern so cute! 🙂

  2. connie.n.w.

     /  March 10, 2012

    You are so talented!


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