Silly me, I just missed it: Ten Collection Artist Elroy

What’s life if you can’t laugh and learn from your mistakes? Fotolia, the stock imaging site, hosts the Ten Collection for which they’ve asked 10 French artists to create a unique high quality piece using images found on their site. Their Photoshop File is available to download free for the first 24 hours (regular price $9) and I just missed it. I was actually on the site in time, but I mistakenly thought the clock was counting down the time until the file was available, however it was really telling me the time I had left. Oh well, I sense a purchase in my future. Enough about me now, check out the artist Damien Vignaux a.k.a Elroy. He’s my favorite so far.

Elroy is a freelancer that got his start creating artwork for friends (posters, cd covers, etc.) which eventually grew into a full-time enterprise. Now living in Berlin, his clients are from all over the globe. His creativity extends to not only print, but to photography, film, music, and motion graphics. Add VJing into the mix, I’m not really sure when he has time to sleep. Elroy is also the co-founder of the Play Collective and Studio Incog. In his interview he states that he loves constantly pushing himself to be better, fresh, different and diverse. Watch the interview and see examples of his work below. He gives some good advice to other designers.


Elroy Motion Graphics click to watch

Click here to watch.

“TEN Collection – a unique educational and community outreach initiative, showcasing digital art unlike any other.”

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