Free Wallpaper: My World Without Art

What really inspired me to create this March wallpaper was an article I read; Thanks to One Los Angeles Nonprofit, Budget Cuts Haven’t Killed Off Art Class which in short talks about the benefits of being involved in the arts and the program Inner-City Arts. Inner-City Arts offers an immersive well-rounded art experience to every Los Angeles public school student even if they can’t afford it. I didn’t grow up in the American school system, so I can’t speak personally about how cutting art programs has affected me. However, I can tell you that my life would be pretty empty without art. No exaggeration. My right brain dominates. I’m good at math and science, but subjects like chemistry and accounting never appealed to me. I took them out of necessity. Art was the class I lived for.

I still remember the first time I realized that I had some creative ability. It was in 6th grade and I drew a green cyclops with 4 arms and pincers. It was chosen to be in my school’s art exhibition. It wasn’t earth shattering, but imagine if I didn’t have that experience or the art classes and teachers that encouraged my talent.  I believe I would still be a Graphic Designer because art is at my core, however I would have to battle an intense learning curve., not even knowing the basics. When I made the career decision to leave Architecture behind, I had the confidence of taking years of art classes in my belt. I knew I had potential. So I think it’s sad that creative programs are the first to be cut.

In a survey conducted by IBM last year, 1,500 CEOs identified creativity as the number one competitive edge” of the future. And Secretary of Education Arne Duncan recently wrote that dance, music, theater, and visual arts “are essential to preparing our nation’s young people for a global economy fueled by innovation and creativity.”Read more…

Now, more about the wallpaper itself. I did a rough sketch of the splashes, took it into Illustrator, and copied the shapes in separate layers in Photoshop. View my project on Behance to see details and the screenshots of the process. I’m fascinated by airbrushing in Photoshop and I love how the splashes turned out. The objects represent what came to mind when I think of art, the tools to create, travel, colors, music, dancing, architecture etc. Enjoy! Of course constructive feedback is always welcome.

Wallpaper Size 1680 x 1050

Wallpaper Size 1440 x 900

Wallpaper Size 1280 x 800

View Project on Behance!

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