Fun with Small Objects

Gumby to the Rescue! When graphic designer Castro-Yves Arboite got his first digital camera, to test it out he took photos of the bendable little toy. However these weren’t your standard portrait images. They were taken from Gumby’s perspective as he explores our very large world. Arboite’s first set of pictures received such a positive response from friends that Gumby became his constant companion and he looked for new scenarios to stage. Some of my favorites are included below, but you can see his full project here Gumby VS The World. Arboite is also another artist I follow on Behance.

If you’re looking for a new photography project, developing scenes with small objects could be an entertaining possibility. Terry Border created the now famous Bent Objects scenarios using everyday items and cheap wire. It’s a great way to express yourself and challenge yourself at the same time. Maybe you’ve already produced your own small object project, share a link in the comment section below!

The Return of Bent Objects

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