Stunner in the Summer Contest

  Ads of the World and Veer hosted their first contest ever this summer! It was free and open to everyone with sweet prizes up for grabs such as an Apple Mac Book Pro®, Apple iPad®, Apple TV®, and Veer credit packs/merchandise of varying monetary value. The theme was summer festivals. You had to create a poster for any kind of festival that struck your fancy, but of course it had to take place in the summer. The other rules were pretty simple:

  • You must use at least 1 image or 1 typeface from the creative assets provided by Veer
  • Poster dimensions should be exactly 600px by 800px and less than 2MB in file size.
  • Only one entry per person is allowed.
  • The artwork must be your own work and should not contain the intellectual property of anybody else.

The contest consisted of 2 rounds. Round 1 was open to everyone and was narrowed down to 10 finalists. Of the 10 finalists, four were chosen to compete for the grand prize. They were given new assets to design another poster and the work is due this upcoming Monday, August 27, 2012. Alas I was not one of the finalists, but I’m proud of my entry below. I googled “weird summer festivals” and picked The Hollerin’ Contest as my inspiration from Gadling’s Top Ten List; sketching, and scanning, and illustrating ensued.

There were so many great entries in this competition. Check out some of my favorite posters from other designers. (I chose to insert a gallery rather the insert the images individually. If you would like to go to the original source please highlight the link, right click and then select Open Link. Unfortunately, right now does not have a feature for including active links in captions.)

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