Who I’m Following on Behance: Yuta Onoda

Yuta Onoda is a brilliant illustrator from Tokyo, Japan, presently residing in Canada. He received his bachelor’s degree in Applied Arts Illustration from the Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. Onoda has won numerous awards and his clients range from Scholastic to Wired Magazine. Paying great attention to layout, the way typography will be integrated, and balance in his pieces, his style combines the use of graphite, ink, paint, and photoshop. “My work is mainly a mix of linear, detail, and decorative elements. So, the advantage of using ink and graphite over mixed media for me is that they fit with my illustration/painting approach.“- from 2012 EK Interview. Onoda discusses some of his commercial and personal work on his blog and of course you can see more of his work on Behance.

The Behance Network is a major online tool for creative professionals to showcase their work. Access portfolios from a plethora of talented artists from all different genres. If you create a portfolio or a follower profile you can keep track or “follow” artists that you like. You receive updates whenever they upload a new project. The Behance Network has many perks for it’s users like job postings, competitions, and networking. Check out My Own Portfolio on Behance.

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