Intense Handmade Prints

tugboat_themoon2Thanks to KoiKoiKoi I was introduced to Paul Roden and Valerie Lueth, a husband and wife team that produces beautifully handcrafted prints. Each print is based off of an original drawing that they hand carve (yes hand carve) in low relief out of wood. Then the carved block is rolled with ink and sent through the press with archival paper. They create a block for every color in each print. Depending on the piece, there could be up to 5 (or more) individually carved blocks that make up one print. I have a deep appreciation for the time and skill that goes into these pieces from start to finish. Paul and Valerie own and operate Tugboat Printshop where their prints are available for sale. Visit their shop.


tugboat_bonfire3 tugboat_bonfire2 tugboat_bonfire

tugboat_bigbadwolf tugboat_process2

tugboat_bears tugboat_rv tugboat_leafboat tugboat_island tugboat_garden tugboat_farmbarge


“Our hope is that through our work we can foster greater public appreciation for the arts, cultivate greater interest in owning original art, & stir up newfound interest for traditionally printed works on paper.” – Paul & Valerie

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  1. Those are super intense. o_o!

  2. Wow! Amazing prints, have to say the last one is my favourite 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. These are lovely! And such detail. I especially love the mobile home and the last one of the two trees. Beautiful.

    • My absolute favs are the farm barge and the moon. Every time I look at their work I’m impressed all over again.


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