The Power of Imagination

Never underestimate the dream of a kid and their ingenuity. I’m inspired by Caine Monroy, a young boy who took a simple idea and made it grand. Caine is fascinated by arcades, so much so that he created his own full scale functional arcade out of cardboard. It started with modifying a basketball hoop that he won at a pizza place and grew. His dad owns a hardware store and allowed him to takeover the entire storefront. You can win prizes, buy tickets, or purchase a fun pass (500 turns for $2 – what a deal!).

Caine’s Arcade now is a popular spot, but it wasn’t always that way. At first Caine didn’t get any customers and his friends didn’t even believe he was the boss of his own arcade. That all changed when filmmaker Nirvan Mullick went into the hardware store to buy a door handle. He was thoroughly impressed by Caine’s creativity and shocked to learn that he was his first customer. That inspired him to make a film about Caine which went viral. People flocked from all over the world to play in Caine’s Arcade. It also sparked the start of The Imagination Foundation, an initiative “to find, foster, and fund creativity and entrepreneurship in more kids like Caine.” Watch the video below.

Kudos to Caine’s dad for giving him the freedom to explore his imagination and hat’s off to Mullick for recognizing and encouraging Caine’s talent. If interested, here is the original film.

Even if Caine’s story didn’t go viral, his accomplishment is still noteworthy. How many people can say they literally built their own arcade?

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  1. Very cute and very creative to see a kid go through the trouble of putting his own arcade together.
    I did something very similar with my Legos, which involved a lot less time and construction skills but still…. Back in the day I would take them apart and build a small town using the street cape pieces I had bought with my allowance. Sometimes I would even draw entire cities on a piece of paper, showing elevations of all the buildings on both sides of the street. Somewhere along the line I stopped doing it. Maybe I should get back to it.


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