Threadless & Absolut Vodka: Can I Get Your Vote?

As a Chicago fan, I couldn’t resist submitting a design for the Threadless/ABSOLUT Vodka Design Competition. The challenge was to create artwork for a limited edition bottle that “distills what you love most about the City of Big Shoulders into a fresh, inventive design that will give Chicagoans a reason to raise their glasses.” So I had to do a little research. I know what I love about Chicago, the summers, the city just comes to life, but I had to find out what is the ABSOLUT style. I looked up previous bottle designs and discovered that their style to me has a sketchy free flowing feel, nothing too technical/intricate.

So I started sketching. This is actually my second one where I was still working things out. I started to draw another more cleaned up version, but I just loved the energy and composition of this one that I decided to take this into Illustrator instead.
absolut_chicago_sketch 001

Here’s the result. I wanted something bright and full of energy and movement. My design is currently up for voting. If you like it please take the time to score it and check out the other designs too. There’s some good stuff.
absolut_design_spinder absolut_chicago_shirt_spinder absolut_chicago_bottles_spinder

P.S This is my favorite ABSOLUT Limited Edition Bottle Design: London by artist Jamie Hewlett.

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  1. Sorry just tried to vote you – it’s a great designe! – but it won’t let me into the site!! I’ll try again.

    • Thanks and thanks for trying! The voting period is over though. It’s only up for scoring for a certain amount of days.

  2. Not only do I love your design, but I genuinely think you have a shot at winning. I, of course, gave you the highest score, and only gave 2s and 3s to other people. Your only competition is with 3-4 designs…maybe.
    Great work! Proud of you 🙂

    • Thanks for the compliment! Although I’m going to assume you scored fairly and only gave 2’s and 3’s because you think that’s what they deserved. They haven’t announced the winner yet as far as I know, but they were supposed to decide this past Monday.


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