Don’t Call It Cake & Easter

cake1So I’m going to be a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding in May and one of my duties is to look for quirky wedding photos as examples to show the photographer. This of course required a new Pinterest board! Well the other day a photo wandered into my inbox that I thought would be perfect to add. Little did I know this would spark the beginning of a new artistic internet adventure. That photo led to another photo which led to even more wedding related photos, but I slowly found myself not paying attention to people anymore. Wedding cakes were stealing the show. Actually I felt wrong calling them cakes, they were works of art! Imaginative, beautifully handcrafted, ornate, luscious, over-the-top, spunky, vivacious, delicate, delectable… all of these descriptions were flowing through my mind.

At first I would just add them to my Artsy Stuff board, but increasing cake numbers demanded their own platform. So I present to you Not Your Average Cake! It’s not something I would have created normally, but now I think I’ll be taking “cake breaks” every now and again.
Note Your Average Cake on Pinterest

What do these stunning cakes have to do with Easter you ask? Absolutely nothing. Although I highly encourage the eating of cake on said day (or any day for that matter). Easter was last weekend and I wanted to share with you some moments from mine. My church White Chapel, had it’s third Easter Sunrise Service on the beach. It’s always such a beautiful and humbling affair and I’ve been honored to take pictures at each service. This one was particularly special because two family members were baptized. The water was surprisingly warm, but the waves weren’t what you would call baptism-friendly. Here’s a video of with pictures of the service. Most of them were taken by me.

To see images from the very first service check out What a Beachiful Easter!

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  1. Keisha

     /  April 9, 2013

    Have you ever been to Every Sunday they post “Sunday Sweets” w/ some great all-occasion cakes.


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