It’s All Helvetica’s Fault.

Patrick King had already designed some shirts featuring type, but it was a children’s shirt with Helvetica in it’s name that spurred the start of the popular TypographyShop. He originally ran a politically themed t-shirt line, but noticed that the term “Helvetica T-shirt” was bringing in the most traffic. However these searchers were seeking a shirt honoring Helvetica itself, not just words set in the font. So they did a poll, then test launched on the political site with King’s Helvetica Neue Descending shirt. It was a hit! Helvetica Neue Descending went viral, spreading across social networks and being featured on scores of blogs (now mine included). Sales went off the charts and TypographyShop was born. Since 2008 they’ve been giving the people what they want.

I’m a fan of their ilovetypography/love series. Note that TypographyShop shirts really only come in black or white, which is fine with me considering most of my tops are black. They also have hoodies (pullover/zip-up) and mugs. There are plans in the future to expand to posters and magnets, even pillows. Also, a part of sale proceeds is donated to The AIGA Education Fund which is used to help students nurture their design talents.

Thanks Helvetica.

Further feed your type addiction. Here’s a collection of typography inspired t-shirts compiled by the hoodie blog Hide Your Arms.


METROPLASTIQUE Fashion Card Anyone?

With names like Supakitch and Koralie, don’t ever expect the ordinary and when these 2 street artists come together to bring you their chic fashion love child called Metroplastique, sparks fly. Supakitch is a master at mixing media, print, paint, ink, spray paint, whatever moves him, while Koralie ingeniously combines cultures into intricate characters. It was a video of them creating a stunning wall piece that captured my attention. You know how much I love street artists, if you don’t, click here. Their work is unlike anything I have ever seen. Watch this short video filmed by Elroy (from my earlier post today) and get  a glimpse of how the magic happens. Then scroll down and check out Metroplastique fashions (my favorite is the Jupe Wild dress).

Jupe Wild Dress

Robe Bigbow

Nag Champa

Tishpad Mili

Wild V-Neck

Wendy Sue



Hot Artwork for Your Feet

Shoe fanatics brace yourselves. Husband and wife team, Philip and Courtney Mason, are creating shoes that will rock your world! It’s Fine Art for your feet as each shoe is hand painted by them in fun funky flirty designs and colors. Their business goes by the name Studio Jellyfish located in Miami, but you can order their one-of-a-kind pieces online. Every shoe has a name, back story, and a pretty price tag (I did say it’s fine art). Want to have your own shoe story? They will work with you to create the custom piece of your dreams. They use top products, special durable paint, then seal the shoes with a clear coat, but just like a regular shoe it can be scuffed, so be careful! Fashionistas, don’t want your shoes to walk alone? Studio Jellyfish also designs handbags and men don’t feel left out. I’m sure they can design some kick-butt custom kicks for you too. Kudos to their style, skill, and creativity.

My shoes lean toward the converse variety and I hardly ever post about fashion, so how did I come to know of Studio Jellyfish? Well I entered the 2011 Fiat SEMA Design Challenge (my entry here) and so did Courtney Mason. She posted her work on the Fiat USA facebook page and it caught my eye. It linked to her portfolio: Punky Chicken, which included shoes by Studio Jellyfish. The rest is history (well this post). You’ll want to check out more of her work.

Thrillist, Local Brands, & Discounts

thrillisticonEvery so often, there’s an ad on facebook worth clicking. Thrillist is a free daily newsletter that gives you the scoop on local deals, artists, events, and restaurants with a twist of humor. According to them, they are not going to hit you with things that “suck.” I’ve been receiving their emails for months now and they’ve lived up to their word. So far they have editions in eleven cities, including Chicago, Atlanta, New York, and Miami. I love it when they cover local artists and brands.

tshirt1Most recent is The Fineprint, a Chicago based apparel company that specializes in graphic tees for men and women. They also offer artwork from local artists and additional accessories such as tote bags and scarves with printed work.

inkorporatedInKorporated Skin “keeps the art on the skin, but off the body.” Designed by tattoo artists, Inkorporated sells wallets, buckles, bags and more, that distinctly look tattooed. It’s perfect for those who admire the trade, whether or not you have ink of your own.


Created by two friends who thought they could do it better, emerges Siren Graphix. With graphic design and photography backgrounds, they erupted with shirts, dresses, bags, and hoodies splayed with skulls, ancient symbols, and provocative female figures.

Jack ThreadsInterested in bigger brands? JackThreads is an “invite only” shopping site that offers major discounts on apparel by well known street/skate labels. It’s not that difficult to become a part of the community. Just fill in about six fields of information and you’re in! Prime example, right now they are running a Warehouse sale where you can get that Obey Oil Freedom Hoodie to your left for $29.99 which retails normally for $75.00. Live long and shop.

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