Who I’m Following on Behance: Adam Spizak & Billelis

Why 2 artists and why these 2 artists? Well, 1. They’re awesome 2. They both were asked to create a wallpaper for Desktopography. Created in 2005, The Desktopography Project is a site where you can download high quality nature based desktop wallpapers made by talented designers. It’s by invite only, but if you feel your work is up to snuff, they encourage you to contact them. It’s a fun non-profit initiative with stunning results. Wallpapers are available in many different sizes for free, so find some you fancy and spread the word! Check out their 2011 Gallery.

I’m never disappointed when Adam Spizak publishes a new project on Behance. Spizak is a Polish illustrator and designer whose work has been featured publications like Computer Arts and Advanced Photoshop Magazine. His wallpapers are some of my favorites and usually inspire compliments from curious onlookers. I just direct them to his Behance Portfolio or the blog that he co-created with Gregory Machon called Art is Navi.

Adam Spizak Desktopography Entry

Billelis is a nickname for Billy Bogiatzoglou who is a digital artist with a passion for photo-manipulation, illustration, and 3d and motion graphics. He’s a member of the Keystone Design Union and I believe I was first introduced to his great work through a Coca-Cola competition that I entered on Eyeka. I thought his entry (among the best submitted) was lively and powerful . Check out Billelis’s Portfolio on Behance.

Billelis Desktopography Entry

The Behance Network is a major online tool for creative professionals to showcase their work. Access portfolios from a plethora of talented artists from all different genres. If you create a portfolio or a follower profile you can keep track or “follow” artists that you like. You receive updates whenever they upload a new project. The Behance Network has many perks for it’s users like job postings, competitions and networking. Check out My Profile on Behance.


Double Doubletakes – SanSamuel on deviantART

SanSamuel - Barcelona Chair

I went from strangely amused to really impressed after looking through SanSamuel’s image gallery. First, the image of the Barcelona Chair caught my eye. You can’t help but know about this chair if you completed the first year architecture program at IIT (some people know it intimately, they had to draft it). Beautiful, minimal, and most importantly, designed by Mies van der Rohe, the Barcelona Chair is a valued piece of furniture on campus. So imagine my amusement to see this chair rendered in such an environment. How frivolous! (heh heh)

Anyway, SanSamuel’s other works stilled the laughter and quite often made me do a double take and then another. He’s an architect and 3d artist whose renderings come ridiculously close to appearing real. At first glance you could mistake it for a picture, but then you’re compelled to look closer to seek the imperfections in the fabric. That’s a quality I admire, to stir the need for a second look. It is very difficult to achieve “realness” in a rendering, from getting the right lighting, to setting and scaling the materials, to including all the little details. Yes, that light-switch really is important. I enjoyed delving into his collection. I have included my favorites, but you can check out more on his site.










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