What I learned the hard way about the Samsung Galaxy Precedent

Samsung Galaxy Precedent

I’ve been with Straight Talk (Walmart’s phone service) for over two and a half years now and I’ve had very little problems. They offer an affordable unlimited talk text and data plan with no contracts, but there is a downside. If you would like a new phone, you have to purchase it full price. There are no extra special deals or free upgrades. Well I decided it was time for me to get a new phone. My Samsung Freeform was showing it’s “old age” and experiencing technical difficulties. I’ve had it since I’ve been with Straight Talk. Here began my first jump into the smart phone/android world.

Why did I choose the Precedent?
It was affordable – Straight Talk was offering it at a deal of $70.00 with a gift card.
I’ve seen it described as a good entry level phone for the android – Little did I know that they didn’t just mean “entry level” is fine for first time users. Which leads me to…

What I don’t like about the Precedent:
Insufficient Internal Memory – It has precisely 384 MB of internal memory which I didn’t think would be an issue because it has a microSD slot that supports up to 32gb of extra memory. I bought a 32gb microSD card. What I didn’t know was that the programs that come with the phone take up most of the internal memory, not to mention the updates. When I try to download an app from the Google Play Store, it automatically downloads to the phone’s internal memory. So after a couple of heavy duty apps I would get a low memory warning. Here are some simple and not so simple fixes I found:

Download the App 2 SD app – It helps streamline moving apps to your sd card among other useful features. See description. Keep in mind that some apps will have to remain on internal memory or else they will not work properly. Also once an app is moved to the sd card the menu shortcuts disappear. In my case I couldn’t access the apps at all.
Change the default download location – This requires downloading  free developer tools, connecting to a computer, and running some command prompts. See How to move almost all Android apps to SD card (no root required)
Rooting the device – This gives you administrative access to the phone’s operating system. You can delete or edit files that you normally wouldn’t be able to and arrange to reserve parts of your microSD for specific functions.  However this does require some advance knowledge and if things go wrong your phone may become a brick. See How to Root the Samsung Galaxy Precedent on Straight Talk (One-Click Method)

Poor battery life – Since I’ve gotten the phone, I’ve had to charge it everyday, sometimes twice a day. I went to battery usage to see what could be optimized and most of the programs that are running down the battery are beyond my control (unless I root the phone).

Customization not ideal – When space is an issue, I don’t need programs like Google Books, nor do I care too much about the Facebook app, but I can’t get rid of them (unless I root the phone). I downloaded an awesome app called Zedge that offers a huge selection of free ringtones, wallpapers, alerts, etc. This issue may just be with my specific phone, but when it restarts and/or dies everything I’ve downloaded from Zedge disappears.

What I like about the Precedent:
The features I grew to love actually aren’t specific to the Precedent. I like the Swype text input feature and being better connected to gmail. I will admit that the size and weight of the phone is decent. It doesn’t feel awkward or cumbersome and the screen display is excellent.

Would I recommend the Precedent:
No. Unless none of the above things I mentioned bother you. I’ve learned my lesson. I want to return my Precedent and look for another android device that fits my needs and my price point. Time to bump up my budget without breaking the bank.

Mommy I Think I Broke My Robot

I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of Androids (human-like robots, not the phone). The techonology behind them would definitely be something I would like to study. Whether I think they’ll appear tomorrow and take over the world… well read my thoughts here. Anyway I wanted to make a cyborg piece in Photoshop that was non-threatening, colorful and somewhat comical. I took the picture of an underwear model (who will remain nameless) and visually removed chunks from her, then added machine parts taken from across the web. Instead of functioning on the standard greasy oil, I wanted bright liquid pumping through my android’s “veins.” Of course then what would happen if you cut one (or four). Below is my piece.

UPDATE: I recently submitted this entry to For the Love,  an online portal for creatives, and it was accepted. See it here in their Featured Images Section. You can submit your work by emailing the image (700px max) to yourbestwork@forthelovemagazine.net. Make sure to include a description with a link to your site in the email body.



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