Ten Collection Artist Joolz

There’s still some time left! Fotolia, the stock imaging site, hosts the Ten Collection for which they’ve asked 10 French artists to create a unique high quality piece using images found on their site. Their Photoshop File is available to download free for the first 24 hours (regular price $9) and as of right now there’s about 9 hours left. The artist for the month of April is Julien Morel aka Joolz. He’s a musician who has evolved into a gifted Graphic Designer. Joolz actually started by designing CD covers and music related material and now has clientele all over Europe and America. He says he tries to bring an “old time” feel to his work and has a deep appreciation for the physical/tactile/handcrafted. While he keeps busy in the fields of advertising, music, web design, illustration etc. Joolz makes time to be a permanent contributor to the blog/magazine Artskills.


“TEN Collection – a unique educational and community outreach initiative, showcasing digital art unlike any other.”

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