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promo_ten_collection_fbRemember my previous post? (No. Click here) Well I entered the TEN Collection Contest Season 2 and it was a fun challenge. My time to design my entries was limited, so to reduce creation time in Photoshop, I thought A LOT about how they would come together. I also wanted to make the most of the images provided by Fotolia. These were the images I worked with.

fotolio source images

Unknown Destination by Shavanna Pinder

Unknown Destination by Shavanna Pinder

My first entry Unknown Destination was actually intended for the category Myth in Motion. After completion and a pause to contemplate I decided it best portrayed a strange world. It was actually inspired by this image below. At first I was drawn to the scale. The bear is so menacing and gargantuan when compared to the girl, yet she seems not to care at all. I wanted to capture that sense of scale. After I was done, I realized that I had subconsciously picked up more design elements from this picture.

'BRUMAS' by Schiszophrenia

‘BRUMAS’ by Schiszophrenia

Mixed Messages by Shavanna Pinder

Mixed Messages by Shavanna Pinder

With my second entry I simply wanted to convey Mixed Messages. Most of the arms are from fotolia’s resources. After I submitted it, I wished I had added a tear to the girl’s face for further emotional impact. Que sera. Que sera. If you like my entries PLEASE VOTE for them by liking their respective facebook pages.

Vote for Unknown Destination

Vote for Mixed Messages

Details and screenshots of the design process are provided in my Behance portfolio. I’m also happy to announce that Fotolia will be starting Season 3 of the TEN Collection in March 2014. This time they will feature dynamic duos! Learn more.


Are You Up for the Challenge?

For the past year Fotolia has featured exciting artwork from some of the best French artists, 10 to be exact, in their TEN Collection. Now they are challenging us to take on those artists by creating work that is just as awesome. To make the contest even more interesting there is over $300,000 worth of prizes up for grabs. Got your attention?

Each artist had a theme and used pictures from Fotolia to create a stunning psd. We must pick an artist, revamp their theme, and use at least 3 images they used in our own psd file. Fotolia has provided all the artists’ images. We can use images from any of the TEN and our personal images as well. I wrote about these four artists: Leroy (travel), Elroy (money), Joolz (food), and Neopen (lifestyle). So I would like to stick to what is in their files. Right now I’m leaning toward the food theme, but I’ve still got time to decide. The contest ends October 10, 2012. Are you in?

Click Here to Enter the Contest

Here’s a breakdown of the prizes:

The grand prize winner will receive the following prizes:
– a feature in an international advertising campaign;
– a copy of Adobe® Creative Suite® 6 Master Collection;
– a Wacom Intuos5 Touch M tablet;
– a 1 year Fotolia subscription (100 downloads / month);
– 1,000 “TUTO credits” for use on tuto.com;
– a wide size PVC print order on Amkashop.com;
Nine runner-ups will receive following prizes:
– a Wacom Intuos5 Touch M tablet;
– a 1 year Fotolia subscription (25 downloads / month);
– 100 “TUTO credits” for use on tuto.com;
– a graphic bag from Amkashop.com;
Four additional entries will be selected to each win a copy of Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended. These entries will be selected by Fotolia, and will take Facebook community votes into account.
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