Light Painting, Digital Art, & Prizes

strip_ten_collection_fb_pare_campauSeason 3 of Fotolia’s TEN Collection has begun! They are doing it a little different this year. Instead of featuring 10 individual digital artists, Fotolia has put together duos, one digital artist and one photographer. Just like in previous seasons the Photoshop file of their work will be available for download (sign-up to get a reminder to download for free). I’m so excited that they’ve included photography and the artists they’ve chosen to kick-off season three are phenomenal!

Eric Paré is a Canadian artist who specializes in light-painting, bullet-time and stop-motion photography.

Work by Eric Pare

Work by Eric Paré

Mike Campau is an American artist who is an expert at combining photography, illustration and cgi.

Work by Mike Campau

Work by Mike Campau

What I love even more, Fotolia has provided an in-depth video of their creative process. I’m the behind-the-scenes type; you know the one who watches all the DVD extras. I like to know how and why. This video gives some excellent tips. I highly encourage you to watch.

Another change Fololia has implemented is that instead of having just one competition at the end of the season, we now have the chance to “challenge” the artists after each PSD release for some excellent prizes. Learn more on TEN Collection’s Facebook Page.  Here is Mike and Eric’s wonderful creation and below is my contest entry.


Final Artwork by Eric Pare & Mike Campau

Using Mike and Eric’s tips, I wanted to create a powerful image with flow. My inspiration not only came from them, but from the video Born To Die by Lana Del Rey. The interior scenes were lavishly ornate and I wanted something similar in beauty and detail for my background without detracting from the main female figure. I’d also like to highlight Midnightstouch for her realistic Love Me Tendril brushes, used for the vines.
pare_campau_challenge_march_2014_spinder_entryclose-up_tenmarch3 close-up_tenmarch2 close-up_tenmarch


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Break & White

black+white_womanPublicized first on my Facebook page S. Pinder Designs (click its Like button for even more cool content or follow me on twitter), is my third Threadless entry called Break & White. The challenge this time was to create a design using only black and white. “You can crosshatch and halftone until you’re blue in the face but gray is not allowed!” Loving the concept, I wanted to enter, but didn’t have much time on my hands. I gave myself one hour to research and sketch. Not a lot of entries at the time focused on typography, so that’s the direction I took. Quickly scanning through my fonts, nothing screamed at me so I just put pencil to paper.

b+wLater, I took my sketch into Illustrator and simply had fun (within another self-assigned time limit). Will my design win? We’ll see how it fares against the other nine hundred and sixty-eight submissions. Yup, 968! So if you like my design and you think it deserves a chance, please vote for it. If you have time check out the other submissions. Many of them are stellar; I handed out some fives. There’s even a chance to win Threadcash if you score over a hundred designs.


F.Y.I If you’re looking for a site that can provide a quick mockup of a t-shirt design without any fancy software, try They also have layered Photoshop files for download.

Threadless & Absolut Vodka: Can I Get Your Vote?

As a Chicago fan, I couldn’t resist submitting a design for the Threadless/ABSOLUT Vodka Design Competition. The challenge was to create artwork for a limited edition bottle that “distills what you love most about the City of Big Shoulders into a fresh, inventive design that will give Chicagoans a reason to raise their glasses.” So I had to do a little research. I know what I love about Chicago, the summers, the city just comes to life, but I had to find out what is the ABSOLUT style. I looked up previous bottle designs and discovered that their style to me has a sketchy free flowing feel, nothing too technical/intricate.

So I started sketching. This is actually my second one where I was still working things out. I started to draw another more cleaned up version, but I just loved the energy and composition of this one that I decided to take this into Illustrator instead.
absolut_chicago_sketch 001

Here’s the result. I wanted something bright and full of energy and movement. My design is currently up for voting. If you like it please take the time to score it and check out the other designs too. There’s some good stuff.
absolut_design_spinder absolut_chicago_shirt_spinder absolut_chicago_bottles_spinder

P.S This is my favorite ABSOLUT Limited Edition Bottle Design: London by artist Jamie Hewlett.

Stunner in the Summer Contest

  Ads of the World and Veer hosted their first contest ever this summer! It was free and open to everyone with sweet prizes up for grabs such as an Apple Mac Book Pro®, Apple iPad®, Apple TV®, and Veer credit packs/merchandise of varying monetary value. The theme was summer festivals. You had to create a poster for any kind of festival that struck your fancy, but of course it had to take place in the summer. The other rules were pretty simple:

  • You must use at least 1 image or 1 typeface from the creative assets provided by Veer
  • Poster dimensions should be exactly 600px by 800px and less than 2MB in file size.
  • Only one entry per person is allowed.
  • The artwork must be your own work and should not contain the intellectual property of anybody else.

The contest consisted of 2 rounds. Round 1 was open to everyone and was narrowed down to 10 finalists. Of the 10 finalists, four were chosen to compete for the grand prize. They were given new assets to design another poster and the work is due this upcoming Monday, August 27, 2012. Alas I was not one of the finalists, but I’m proud of my entry below. I googled “weird summer festivals” and picked The Hollerin’ Contest as my inspiration from Gadling’s Top Ten List; sketching, and scanning, and illustrating ensued.

There were so many great entries in this competition. Check out some of my favorite posters from other designers. (I chose to insert a gallery rather the insert the images individually. If you would like to go to the original source please highlight the link, right click and then select Open Link. Unfortunately, right now does not have a feature for including active links in captions.)

Electrolux Design Lab – Flatshare Fridge

Flatshare FridgeFortunately, with all the roommates I’ve had, not a single one of them have ever stolen my food from the refrigerator. As a matter of fact, food has “magically appeared.” (forgetful friends come over and leave me presents quite often) For those of you who have experienced roommate refrigerator disputes, Flatshare Fridge is here to ease some of that household tension. Created by Stefan Buchberger, from the University of Applied Arts Vienna, Flatshare is a sleek modular system with separate compartments perfect for dorms or individuals with multiple roommates. Each person gets their own space and the compartments are customizable.

Flatshare Fridge with Customizable Skin

No more fighting over who’s turn it is to clean the fridge, nor do you have to deal with disposing of someone else’s unidentifiable leftovers. At the moment, it cannot guarantee that your food won’t be stolen, maybe in the future a lock system could be implemented, but it can eliminate the “I thought it was common property excuse.” Buchberger designed Flatshare Fridge for the Electrolux Design Lab Competition, which he won in 2008. It is a global competition that challenges industrial design students to create home appliances for the future. The finalists for this year have been chosen and the winner will be announced September 24th, 2009. I’ll be sure to update you. Check out some of the entries:

Moléculaire by Nico Kläber, Köln International School of Design, Germany
Moléculaire is a molecular 3D food printer that takes the marriage of science and cooking to a new level.

Naturewash by Zhenpeng Li, Zhejiang University, China
Naturewash is a waterless washing machine that uses negative ions to wash nano-coated fabrics.

Bifoliate by Toma Brundzaite, Vilnius Academy of Art, Lithuania
“Bifoliate” is a space-saving, wall-mounted double dishwasher that allows the user to put dirty dishes in one compartment and use the other as a shelf for clean dishes.

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