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tugboat_themoon2Thanks to KoiKoiKoi I was introduced to Paul Roden and Valerie Lueth, a husband and wife team that produces beautifully handcrafted prints. Each print is based off of an original drawing that they hand carve (yes hand carve) in low relief out of wood. Then the carved block is rolled with ink and sent through the press with archival paper. They create a block for every color in each print. Depending on the piece, there could be up to 5 (or more) individually carved blocks that make up one print. I have a deep appreciation for the time and skill that goes into these pieces from start to finish. Paul and Valerie own and operate Tugboat Printshop where their prints are available for sale. Visit their shop.


tugboat_bonfire3 tugboat_bonfire2 tugboat_bonfire

tugboat_bigbadwolf tugboat_process2

tugboat_bears tugboat_rv tugboat_leafboat tugboat_island tugboat_garden tugboat_farmbarge


“Our hope is that through our work we can foster greater public appreciation for the arts, cultivate greater interest in owning original art, & stir up newfound interest for traditionally printed works on paper.” – Paul & Valerie


Who I’m Following on Behance: Yuta Onoda

Yuta Onoda is a brilliant illustrator from Tokyo, Japan, presently residing in Canada. He received his bachelor’s degree in Applied Arts Illustration from the Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. Onoda has won numerous awards and his clients range from Scholastic to Wired Magazine. Paying great attention to layout, the way typography will be integrated, and balance in his pieces, his style combines the use of graphite, ink, paint, and photoshop. “My work is mainly a mix of linear, detail, and decorative elements. So, the advantage of using ink and graphite over mixed media for me is that they fit with my illustration/painting approach.“- from 2012 EK Interview. Onoda discusses some of his commercial and personal work on his blog and of course you can see more of his work on Behance.

The Behance Network is a major online tool for creative professionals to showcase their work. Access portfolios from a plethora of talented artists from all different genres. If you create a portfolio or a follower profile you can keep track or “follow” artists that you like. You receive updates whenever they upload a new project. The Behance Network has many perks for it’s users like job postings, competitions, and networking. Check out My Own Portfolio on Behance.

Stunner in the Summer Contest

  Ads of the World and Veer hosted their first contest ever this summer! It was free and open to everyone with sweet prizes up for grabs such as an Apple Mac Book Pro®, Apple iPad®, Apple TV®, and Veer credit packs/merchandise of varying monetary value. The theme was summer festivals. You had to create a poster for any kind of festival that struck your fancy, but of course it had to take place in the summer. The other rules were pretty simple:

  • You must use at least 1 image or 1 typeface from the creative assets provided by Veer
  • Poster dimensions should be exactly 600px by 800px and less than 2MB in file size.
  • Only one entry per person is allowed.
  • The artwork must be your own work and should not contain the intellectual property of anybody else.

The contest consisted of 2 rounds. Round 1 was open to everyone and was narrowed down to 10 finalists. Of the 10 finalists, four were chosen to compete for the grand prize. They were given new assets to design another poster and the work is due this upcoming Monday, August 27, 2012. Alas I was not one of the finalists, but I’m proud of my entry below. I googled “weird summer festivals” and picked The Hollerin’ Contest as my inspiration from Gadling’s Top Ten List; sketching, and scanning, and illustrating ensued.

There were so many great entries in this competition. Check out some of my favorite posters from other designers. (I chose to insert a gallery rather the insert the images individually. If you would like to go to the original source please highlight the link, right click and then select Open Link. Unfortunately, right now does not have a feature for including active links in captions.)

Free Wallpaper: Beauty

So here is April’s wallpaper in May. It’s been a pretty crazy couple of weeks ( in a good way). This wallpaper actually happened in stages with no set plan, completely unlike the others. It started off with me falling for this font called Colonna. It was a possibility for a logo I was working on, but it didn’t really fit. Yet I didn’t want to let it go, so Beauty was born. The challenge I gave myself this time was to compose a piece made of vectors. It needed to be striking and flow. Most of the vectors were files I had already collected from various sources. They’ve been repeated, reflected, rotated, and re-sized and it was harder than I thought it would be to make it work visually. Some placements just clashed horribly and had to be reworked. Let me know if you think it was successful and if not what would you do to improve it? There are 2 versions; one with slight color and the other is primarily black and white. Enjoy!

Ten Collection Artist Joolz

There’s still some time left! Fotolia, the stock imaging site, hosts the Ten Collection for which they’ve asked 10 French artists to create a unique high quality piece using images found on their site. Their Photoshop File is available to download free for the first 24 hours (regular price $9) and as of right now there’s about 9 hours left. The artist for the month of April is Julien Morel aka Joolz. He’s a musician who has evolved into a gifted Graphic Designer. Joolz actually started by designing CD covers and music related material and now has clientele all over Europe and America. He says he tries to bring an “old time” feel to his work and has a deep appreciation for the physical/tactile/handcrafted. While he keeps busy in the fields of advertising, music, web design, illustration etc. Joolz makes time to be a permanent contributor to the blog/magazine Artskills.


“TEN Collection – a unique educational and community outreach initiative, showcasing digital art unlike any other.”

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