My Schmap Berlin Guide Entry

My Schmap Entry on the iPhoneI was pleased to find out that one of my images on Flick’r of the Frank Gehry Vitra Design Museum was shortlisted for inclusion in the eighth edition of the Schmap Berlin Guide. Schmap guides are free to readers and entered pictures are clearly attributed to the photographer and a link is provided to the original image on Flick’r.

Schmap offers digital travel guides for over two hundred destinations around the world. Versions can be explored online or on various smart phones like the iPhone. Users can also create and share their maps, trip itineraries, or reviews. Later, I was even happier to hear that my image had made it into the guide. I have included a view of what it would look like on the iPhone.


The Next Wii…

I have been hearing a lot about the Nintendo Wii lately and had the pleasure of playing it this summer. Unfortunately, my  convenient Wii source has left the country for the semester taking his Wii with him (can you blame him?) I will get one of my own eventually, but I thought it would be interesting to see what the next step in gaming would be. Imagine my surprise when Apple’s  iPhone pops up as “the next Wii”. Usually I would think that the next competitor for a game console would be another game console and not a phone. But then the iPhone is not a regular phone. It makes a lot of sense after you read this article.


A customizable controller is highly alluring especially if you are looking to save space and money. You wouldn’t have to purchase another controller to play a certain game and you could avoid additional clutter around the entertainment area. Although, one could argue that different contollers give you a more realistic experience. Another advantage to the Iphone is its portability. Wii on the go. It also effectively eliminates the need to carry another gadget. Who needs the DS or PSP etc. when you have it all on your phone? I have been fighting Apple domination, but if they keep packing tons amazing content in such a little device I may have to give in…

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