Design Inspiration: Cornwell Design, Paul Lee Designs, & Shotopop

Whether you’re an expert or a novice, it’s always a good idea to look at the work of others. You may bump into new concepts or get reintroduced to old ones. It can also stir the creative juices, especially if you’re experiencing an artistic roadblock. Since I’m just now really delving into graphic design, it helps me tremendously to look around. It is also beneficial to me to observe what other artists consider good. I looked through 15 Ridiculously Good Graphic Design Portfolios posted on Positive Space and picked 3 that really stood out.

Cornwell Design

What I liked about Cornwell Design was that not only did they show their finished work, but they provided images of how it was used in the real world. For example, if they designed a logo for a store, they would show the storefront sign with the logo or take a picture the store’s billboard ad they created.

Paul Lee Designs

Next, I thought many of the designs on Paul Lee Designs were sleek, classy, expressive, and clean. They appealed to me visually and nothing was too overwhelming. As a matter of fact a lot of them left me wondering, “how did he do that?”

Shotopop Illustration

Shotopop’s work was a bit offbeat, and at times dark, but I loved it. I especially enjoyed their illustrations, even though I didn’t quite understand them. Nevertheless, it did lead me to really study the images.

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