Fell Off the Blogging Bandwagon

Yes that’s right, the dates speak for themselves. I fell off the blogging bandwagon. I don’t suppose there’s a PostAYear challenge (just kidding)? Now, I can either beat myself up about this for a really long time or kick myself once and just tell you what I’ve been up to (in a series of posts). Obviously though, I need to figure out how to make blogging like an addiction; if I miss a week, I do what’s necessary to get my fix. How do all of you daily/weekly bloggers do it?

Needless to say, it has been a pretty busy past couple of months for me, juggling my jobs, volunteer activities, and always learning stuff. I even made a discovery, but we’ll save that for another day. One event in particular that encompassed a week was Student Life Camp at the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach. Even though our church (White Chapel) is in South Daytona, we decided to make it like a real trip for the Youth. Church members/Parents graciously hosted kids at their homes and I was a chaperone at someone else’s home. It was a great week. I got to know some of the kids better and I think they got closer with each other as well.

Student Life had morning and evening sessions while we did things in between, like volunteer and have a photo scavenger hunt. However, I’m going to share a few photos related to the times spent at the Ocean Center, most of which have been included in My Behance Portfolio.

Student Life 2011 Theme: Devoted

Worship Leader: Chris Tomlin

Supported Charity: Compassion International

Bellarive: Student Life Guest Performers

Youth At Student Life

Suggested Links to Check Out:

Student Life: www.studentlife.com Their mission: “Student Life’s mission is to help teenagers know Christ through His Word. We accomplish our mission through partnership with local churches. We exist to help youth pastors, youth ministry leaders, youth workers and parents of teenagers by providing quality events and solid biblically based resources for ministry.”

Chris Tomlin – Dynamic award winning artist: www.christomlin.com (gives a powerful live performance)

Compassion International  www.compassion.com : changing the lives of children in poverty all across the globe through sponsorship. Touch the life of a child and yours as well.

Bellarive www.bellarive.com : composed of 6 friends from Orlando Florida, Bellarive is a worship band with an atmospheric sound. I don’t normally talk about music here, but below is one of my favorite songs by them called “Shine On.”



flickr Highlight: Harpagornis’s Photostream

This is the first in the series of which I call flickr Highlights. For those of you who don’t know, Flickr is an online photo management and sharing application that allows individuals to upload and share their images with the world (or the select few they choose). Shared content can range from pictures taken at a birthday party to photos used for a professional portfolio. You can add contacts, join groups, and persons can comment on your photos.

Anyway, the goal of this series is to share with you photostreams that I think are interesting, quirky, or simply just stunning. Thomas Bölke’s (Hargapornis) photostream falls under the category of interesting and stunning. I deduce he is a biologist with a passion for photography. I say deduce because his personal website is in German. German is number 5 on my list of languages to learn after Spanish, Italian, French, and Portuguese. I encourage you to sit back, relax, and enjoy his slideshows particularly in the categories of Nature, Lightpaintings/NightshotsCreative, and HDR.

Nature Slideshow

Lightpaintings/Nightshots Slideshow

Creative Slideshow

HDR Slideshow

What’s Going On With Me

Click to go to my Photography PageIn case I do have someone who checks this blog every so often, I thought you would like to know…

My posts have been a bit sporadic to non-existent lately because of some major changes; I moved from Chicago to Florida in November and October was chock full of making preparations. I’m still adjusting to life in the Sunshine State, but I will be resuming my blogging duties soon. Even though I haven’t been posting, I have been collecting topics to write about and I’ve been working on other projects. One of which I’m pleased to announce:

I updated my website!

Click to go to My Portfolio I added more photos to my photography page and I added some artwork and graphic design work to my portfolio. By looking through this blog, you may figure out that I have an interest in graphics and I’m determined to learn more about it while advancing my skills. For my portfolio, I gave myself some assignments to work on like band posters and cd album covers. I also included work I’ve done for others. Check it out and if you love/hate what you see, let me know. I welcome constructive criticism.

Disclaimer: my site has some glitches that at the moment the solution eludes me, but it’s only a matter of time…

Milwaukee Art Beat – October 9th, 2009 [Part 1]


"Artbeat encourages artists and non-artists alike to explore their own inspirations and creativity..."

I was immersed in marvelous talent last Friday (Oct. 9th) at the Milwaukee Art Beat. There was art in various scintillating forms including photography, sculpture, mosaics, painting, and even performance art. It was quite the experience. In some cases, we were able to hear directly from the artist in on-stage interviews, receiving an in-depth look into their work.

For the record, Artbeat is a non-profit organization that encourages and promotes art among youth and the community. It also acts as a showcase for local artists to present their work to the masses. I commend and admire their efforts. Personally, I can’t imagine my life without the arts (this blog definitely wouldn’t exist). All of the artists at this show are extremely talented and often do many different things.

Steve Daubs at Art Beat

First up, is photographer and writer, Steve Daubs. He recently roamed through Russia on a photographic expedition, shooting people and places. In the interview he shared that a lot of activity actually occurs below ground in passages and tunnels, which is where a good number of his photographs were taken.

Also, on display were a number of his beauty shots that recreated that old Hollywood glamour. The images convey the idea of being almost impossibly perfect and the model appears to be untouchable. He included a photograph of one of the models in her normal state (still naturally lovely). It was fascinating to see the juxtaposition between manipulated reality and actuality. Below are shots taken from Steve Daubs’s website.

Steve Daubs Photography

Steve Daubs Photography

Next, is professional mosaic artist, Shelly Bird. With many years of experience, she has completed various residential and commercial pieces ranging from walls to wall hangings. I find her work beautiful and dynamic. Shelly uses unique materials like blown glass or natural rock, some of which is reclaimed. She also prefers stained glass for its quality of light and mirrored iridescent elements for their ability to express a sense of movement. Below is a picture of her with her work at Art Beat, but I encourage you to look at more of her work on Yessy Art Gallery.

Shelly Bird at Art Beat

Shelly Bird MosaicShelly Bird Mosaic

Now we move on to sculpture. Bruce Niemi is a second generation sculptor who works with stainless steel and bronze. I love the rhythmic, yet powerful curves, and overall flow of his work. The twists, shapes, and connections are quite alluring. What’s more, a positive message is behind all of his artwork, with titles such as “Protected,” “Living the Dream,” and “Reaching for the Heights.

Bruce Niemi at Art Beat

Niemi has been creating sculptures for over thirty years and quoted from his site he states “if you studied my art you would know my heart.” If you are ever in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Bruce and his wife Susan invite you to visit their Sculpture Garden featuring artists from around the world. To see more of Niemi’s work check out the galleries on his website.

Bruce Niemi PieceBruce Niemi Piece

This was a performance art piece that was fun to watch and listen to. Artist Shelby Keefe put on a lively 18 minute show in which she painted a scene from one of her photographs while groovin’ to the music that she put together herself. She is a contemporary impressionistic painter who has won awards for her urban landscape paintings, and her work is displayed in collections around the United States.

Shelby Keefe performing at Art Beat

I’ve gazed at many of the pieces on her website, my favorites being the ones that are architectural in nature (no surprise there). I would also like to mention that Keefe is about to release a CD with her music. She collaborates with other musicians and uses a great program called GarageBand (I even modeled a part of one of my studio projects after it). Listen to samples of her work on Reverb Nation.

Shelby Keefe ArtworkShelby Keefe Artwork

That’s it for now, but I still have more artists to cover. Check back for Part 2.

Art Beat photos are referenced from Lisa’s List.

Dave Hill Photography

Dave Hill Photography

A series of mouse clicks led me to Dave Hill’s photography website and I was instantly engaged to say the least. He grew up in San Diego and his “thing” is making digital composites and shooting in black and white. Curiosity took over. Wanting to find out more about him, I put his name in Google and found out that he was quite popular. His distinct style is referred to as the “Dave Hill Look” and there were many tutorials claiming to have achieved this effect. In my opinion, none that I’d found had really come close, except for this one. Photography purists may find fault with his digital alterations, but I think he transforms his photos into special pieces of art. Besides, he had to have a great photograph to start off. What else did I find out about Dave Hill? Well, he’s a commercial photographer that takes pictures of “cool people doing cool things.”

Dave Hill Photography

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