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Silence stripI feel like my mind races at 120 mph ninety-five percent of the time, but before it gets in gear, I try to find some peace and quiet. This means as soon as I get up I try to isolate myself. I close the door and avoid family ( I have a big one). It helps me prepare for the day ahead. I get some meditative reading done, put things in perspective, affirm what I’m grateful for, and review my tasks for the day. One day this past week, it hit me, even if surround myself with silence, it’s still not quiet. I can still hear myself breathe and feel my heart beat. Yay for being alive! So that inspired me to create this wallpaper I call Silence. It took approximately 3 hours in Photoshop. Enjoy! Feedback is welcome.


This source image was taken by Belovodchenko Anton aka african_fi from


The main brushes I used are a part of a Bittbox Freebie: 5 Abstract Porous Brushes.

Threadless & Absolut Vodka: Can I Get Your Vote?

As a Chicago fan, I couldn’t resist submitting a design for the Threadless/ABSOLUT Vodka Design Competition. The challenge was to create artwork for a limited edition bottle that “distills what you love most about the City of Big Shoulders into a fresh, inventive design that will give Chicagoans a reason to raise their glasses.” So I had to do a little research. I know what I love about Chicago, the summers, the city just comes to life, but I had to find out what is the ABSOLUT style. I looked up previous bottle designs and discovered that their style to me has a sketchy free flowing feel, nothing too technical/intricate.

So I started sketching. This is actually my second one where I was still working things out. I started to draw another more cleaned up version, but I just loved the energy and composition of this one that I decided to take this into Illustrator instead.
absolut_chicago_sketch 001

Here’s the result. I wanted something bright and full of energy and movement. My design is currently up for voting. If you like it please take the time to score it and check out the other designs too. There’s some good stuff.
absolut_design_spinder absolut_chicago_shirt_spinder absolut_chicago_bottles_spinder

P.S This is my favorite ABSOLUT Limited Edition Bottle Design: London by artist Jamie Hewlett.

Walk on the Wild Side

As you know from my previous post “Oops I Missed A Week,” I went to the Cayman Islands a couple months ago. While there, against the wall of the restaurant at my hotel, I encountered a beautiful bright green lizard and yes, I stalked that lizard, for as long as it would allow. Actually, I was surprised it let me photograph it for as long as I did. Well that lizard inspired me to create the poster and t-shirt design below, entitled Walk on the Wild Side. I used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. To see more details, visit the project on my Behance Portfolio. Don’t forget to click Appreciate It if you like it!

What’s Going On With Me

Click to go to my Photography PageIn case I do have someone who checks this blog every so often, I thought you would like to know…

My posts have been a bit sporadic to non-existent lately because of some major changes; I moved from Chicago to Florida in November and October was chock full of making preparations. I’m still adjusting to life in the Sunshine State, but I will be resuming my blogging duties soon. Even though I haven’t been posting, I have been collecting topics to write about and I’ve been working on other projects. One of which I’m pleased to announce:

I updated my website!

Click to go to My Portfolio I added more photos to my photography page and I added some artwork and graphic design work to my portfolio. By looking through this blog, you may figure out that I have an interest in graphics and I’m determined to learn more about it while advancing my skills. For my portfolio, I gave myself some assignments to work on like band posters and cd album covers. I also included work I’ve done for others. Check it out and if you love/hate what you see, let me know. I welcome constructive criticism.

Disclaimer: my site has some glitches that at the moment the solution eludes me, but it’s only a matter of time…

Vector Wallpaper Tutorial with C4d Render

Tamia Wallpaper Tutorial

Tamilia Wallpaper Tutorial

Here is another wicked tutorial written by Tamilia on deviantART. However, before I started, there was some research to be done. I had never heard of C4d Render and I wondered if I would be able to actually do the tutorial. C4d is short for Cinema 4d which is a high-end 3d computer graphics program produced by Maxon. Used for animation, lighting, textures, modeling, and rendering, C4d is quite popular among artists and film makers. It also has its own scripting language known as C.O.F.F.E.E.

The common element mentioned in reviews I read was that this program was very easy to use. I myself prefer 3d Studio Max. While it’s not too easy to use, you can achieve excellent results, which I imagine would be equal to that of Cinema 4d. I found this forum discussing which software is better. If you have used both let me know what you think. Nevertheless, I definitely would like to take Cinema 4d out for a test drive.

Now back to the tutorial. As it turns out you can download free C4d Render Packs that are Photoshop ready. I used Drown Me Slowly from Render Pack 07 by Angelus-Hellion. Tamilia used a series of floral and star brushes in her tutorial. I, on the other hand, used ink and Spirograph brushes previously loaded into my brush library from Brusheezy. My result is below.

My Wallpaper Result

My Wallpaper Result

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