It’s A Recession

oddcouple_recessionfacebookcoverSo I’ve entered another competition on Threadless (open for voting now). It’s called Odd Couples and the challenge was to pick any two unrelated characters or figures and show how they’d interact. As you can see, I chose a zombie desperate for money presenting teeth he’s “collected” to the tooth fairy hoping to cash in. The idea was inspired by my cousin Cara. She’s a teenager, but she’s really responsible with her money and doesn’t like to spend it, at least not on herself. One of her favorite phrases/reasons is “It’s a recession.”

I sketched the zombie and the tooth fairy separately. Then I scanned the sketches and took them into Illustrator for inking and color. It was the first time I had used a tablet. A fellow designer and friend of mine has been kind enough to let me borrow his Bamboo Wacom Tablet. It takes a while to get use to looking at the computer screen when your natural tendency is to look down as you draw, but if I didn’t have this tablet I don’t want to imagine how long it would have taken me otherwise. Here are some great tutorials that helped along the way:

Here’s the full design. Please don’t forget to vote for it on Threadless if you like it. Thanks!



Design Inspiration: Brennan Fruge

Brennan FrugeWhat can I say? I like Brennan Fruge’s site design. The concept is fun and fresh and stays consistent and the navigation is easy. Visually interesting, I actually enjoy rolling over the icons to see what appears. The site is simple, but not in a bad way. It expresses creativity and a touch of humor without having to go over the top (like those sites filled with tons of meaningless animations). In my opinion, it’s just really well done. The content is worth clicking through too. The only issue I can think of is that I wish there was an image viewer for the drawing and painting section like there was for the others. Although, that really didn’t stop me from looking at each one. You can find out a little more about the actual person, Brennan Fruge, by viewing his resume.

Brennan Fruge Home Page

Here are a couple of my favorites from the site.

Brennan Fruge Illustration

Brennan Fruge Sketch

Brennan Fruge Sketch

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