Free Wallpaper: Beauty

So here is April’s wallpaper in May. It’s been a pretty crazy couple of weeks ( in a good way). This wallpaper actually happened in stages with no set plan, completely unlike the others. It started off with me falling for this font called Colonna. It was a possibility for a logo I was working on, but it didn’t really fit. Yet I didn’t want to let it go, so Beauty was born. The challenge I gave myself this time was to compose a piece made of vectors. It needed to be striking and flow. Most of the vectors were files I had already collected from various sources. They’ve been repeated, reflected, rotated, and re-sized and it was harder than I thought it would be to make it work visually. Some placements just clashed horribly and had to be reworked. Let me know if you think it was successful and if not what would you do to improve it? There are 2 versions; one with slight color and the other is primarily black and white. Enjoy!


Panda Illustration Tutorial: Blog Spoon Graphics

Here’s a tutorial from Blog Spoon Graphics that shows with a few simple shapes you can create a quick peppy illustration (a peppy panda to be more exact). Personally, another task I had in mind when completing this tutorial was to become more familiar with the keyboard shortcuts for Adobe Illustrator. This tutorial was not so robust that I used every feature, but more importantly there was repetition. Here’s a long list of Illustrator CS4 Keyboard Shortcuts.

There really wasn’t any reason for deviation in this tutorial. When completed I did add some personal touches in keeping with the style. Below is my result. The bamboo stalks were created just like the stem in the panda’s hand and the sun was made with 2 circles in combination with gradients and Gaussian blur. A slight blue -to transparent gradient was added for the sky. The grass is made from one shape drawn with the pen tool that I copied, reflected, lowered the opacity, and scaled several times.

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