Weekly Photo Challenge Round-Up 1

As a part of PostADay/PostAWeek the people at WordPress asked if we would be interested in a weekly photo challenge. I, along with many other bloggers, said YES!!! and they delivered. Since February 2011 they have been posting weekly topics. I decided not to participate every week, but to wait a bit and create a collection for one big post. I may be rethinking this method. See, I truly started taking pictures in Fall 08′, but since I’m quite passionate about it, I have THOUSANDS possibly tens of thousands of pictures. It was fun (reliving memories) and at times tedious (did I mention I have a lot of pictures) going through them trying to find ones to fit the themes.

An extra challenge I assigned myself was not to include any pictures from my semester in Europe or any pictures already in My Portfolio. It was tempting though, since those are the images I’m most familiar with.  Anyway, here’s what I came up with. Some pictures actually work for multiple themes.

Photo Challenge: Boundaries

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curiosity

Weekly Photo Challenge: Refuge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abundance

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow

Weekly Photo Challenge: Home (A Tribute to Chicago)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ocean

Weekly Photo Challenge: Light

Weekly Photo Challenge: Old

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines

Weekly Photo Challenge: One

Weekly Photo Challenge: Round

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wildlife

Weekly Photo Challenge: Red


Walk on the Wild Side

As you know from my previous post “Oops I Missed A Week,” I went to the Cayman Islands a couple months ago. While there, against the wall of the restaurant at my hotel, I encountered a beautiful bright green lizard and yes, I stalked that lizard, for as long as it would allow. Actually, I was surprised it let me photograph it for as long as I did. Well that lizard inspired me to create the poster and t-shirt design below, entitled Walk on the Wild Side. I used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. To see more details, visit the project on my Behance Portfolio. Don’t forget to click Appreciate It if you like it!

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