New Page of Sizzlin’ Resources

Need some inspiration? What about advice for that problem in Illustrator you’ve been having? Maybe you just need a new photoshop brush to put the finishing touches on that project? Well, I just created a new resource page! It’s a list of sites that I feel could be useful to designers, photographers, architects, artists, or anyone in the creative/technical field. It includes blogs that offer tips and advice, tutorials, freebies and more. For about a year now, I’ve been collecting sites either by bookmarking or adding to my Google reader. So making this page has also helped me get a little more organization to the madness. Which reminds me of another resource Xmarks (syncs and backs up your bookmarks). My resource list is definitely not the end-all-be-all of resources, so I look forward to finding more. There’s so much great stuff out there on the world wide web. Do you have a site/resource that you’d like to share? Leave a comment on my Resource Page.


Trendy + Modern + Decor = Trendir

Question Mark Chair by Tonon

Question Mark Chair by Tonon

Trendir is the child of designer Lillian Pikus and husband Joe Pikus (who handles the technical side). Lillian keeps track of modern trends and new products which she features on the site. It started really as a personal reference, an online folder to store her findings, but grew into so much more. Lillian and Joe work hard scanning websites frequently or corresponding with contractors, and now have an assisting blogging staff. Trendir was ranked second in 2008 in the Top 11 Utra Trendy Blogs by Trends Updates. Simply put, it is a must-see resource for modern furniture.

Reference (includes information on other popular sites): Design enthusiasts blog to test boundaries and stay a step ahead by Jason Damas, The Boston Globe

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