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Whoa! I know it’s been a while since my last post. A lot has happened: summer ended, fall started, the government shut down, I got a full-time job, and I resigned from said job. Sometimes things just don’t work out, but I sure learned a lot during the process. That’s why you keep calm and carry on. So I keep plugging away, working on my design skills.

One of my main focuses will be web design and I’ll be home schooling myself. I love to see progression. I remember my first website from high school, complete with flaming dragons and HTML4 (cheesy, I know). I was so proud that I completed that project; I look back later and realize how much better it could be. I constantly go through this process and then work to in fact make my work better. As a result, I’m redesigning my website again. I’m not sure what I want yet, but I’m studying HTML5 and CSS3. Then I’ll move onto Javascript and WordPress.

Currently, I have up a placement holder aka coming soon page. I found this sleek template on WeGraphics called Avenir – A Free Coming Soon HTML Template. It’s easy to customize, if you are familiar with HTML and CSS. You don’t really have to touch the Javascript unless you want to. There are some issues with the code. There are three “pages” to the site, but it’s really a fancy switch of the content using id’s. When the page first loads (which you can see in the demo) the links on the home page are not clickable, As a matter of fact, you can see shadows of other links from the other “pages.” Essentially the content from each page “rests on top of each other” and the opacity is switched on and off depending on which page is active.

It took me a while to figure out a workaround to this, since I haven’t gotten to Javascript yet, but I have used Actionscript before and the theory is similar. I move the content that isn’t visible off screen to the left, so that nothing interferes with the current content on screen making all links clickable. I’ve included my code fix below, but first here are screenshots of my coming soon page.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

CSS Fix – styles.css file
display: block;
left: 5px;
.hide{opacity: 0;

Javascript Fix – main.js file (also note that I have changed the duration of the animation to 0 because I didn’t like having the text ease in from the left. It was too busy for me)
if ( !jQuery(', section#' + link).is(':animated') ) {
jQuery('.main-nav ul li a').removeClass('active'); //remove active
jQuery('').addClass('show').animate({'opacity' : 0, 'left': -900}, {queue: false, duration: 0,
complete: function() {
jQuery('a[href="#'+link+'"]').addClass('active'); // add active
jQuery('section#' + link).addClass('show').animate({'opacity' : 1, 'left': 5}, {queue: false, duration: 0});


Free Wallpaper! Silence

Silence stripI feel like my mind races at 120 mph ninety-five percent of the time, but before it gets in gear, I try to find some peace and quiet. This means as soon as I get up I try to isolate myself. I close the door and avoid family ( I have a big one). It helps me prepare for the day ahead. I get some meditative reading done, put things in perspective, affirm what I’m grateful for, and review my tasks for the day. One day this past week, it hit me, even if surround myself with silence, it’s still not quiet. I can still hear myself breathe and feel my heart beat. Yay for being alive! So that inspired me to create this wallpaper I call Silence. It took approximately 3 hours in Photoshop. Enjoy! Feedback is welcome.


This source image was taken by Belovodchenko Anton aka african_fi from


The main brushes I used are a part of a Bittbox Freebie: 5 Abstract Porous Brushes.

All You Need Is Love

One of my favorite shirts is a black one that says The Beatles and every time I wear it I get asked “You know about the Beatles?” My reply, “Yeah, of course!” I guess at the ripe young age of 24, they’re supposed to be beyond my generation, even though I think all my friends know who they are and some listen to them too. Anyway, there’s an installation at the Miami Airport made out of flowers that inspired me to create the piece below. It said “All We Need is Love.” I couldn’t help but smile when I saw it and of course think of the Beatles. With my image I wanted the word Love to be the main focus. It needed to be big, very red, and pop off of the page (view in portfolio).

I’ve been eager to work with splashes or the liquid effect. They bring such a sense of life and movement. Not to mention, they’ve been quite popular and appear in many different graphic works. Just check out the Ultimate Roundup of Photoshop Tutorials from 2010 by Pixel77 and see how many involve liquid of some sort. My awesome resources though, came from the wonderful folks of Media Militia. They made a High Quality Paint Tossing Pack, FREE to download, and free for commercial and personal use. They even have their own tutorial showing you how to use them. Enjoy!

If you’re a Beatles fan you may like the movie Across the Universe, a story told through Beatles songs. Here are a few of my favorite songs from the Beatles:
I Saw Her Standing There (always perks me up!)
I Want You (She’s So Heavy)
Day Tripper
Come Together (I like Michael Jackson’s version)
Let It Be (from Across the Universe, this scene makes me cry)

What’s your favorite Beatles song? Do you have a piece using splash effects that you love?





New Page of Sizzlin’ Resources

Need some inspiration? What about advice for that problem in Illustrator you’ve been having? Maybe you just need a new photoshop brush to put the finishing touches on that project? Well, I just created a new resource page! It’s a list of sites that I feel could be useful to designers, photographers, architects, artists, or anyone in the creative/technical field. It includes blogs that offer tips and advice, tutorials, freebies and more. For about a year now, I’ve been collecting sites either by bookmarking or adding to my Google reader. So making this page has also helped me get a little more organization to the madness. Which reminds me of another resource Xmarks (syncs and backs up your bookmarks). My resource list is definitely not the end-all-be-all of resources, so I look forward to finding more. There’s so much great stuff out there on the world wide web. Do you have a site/resource that you’d like to share? Leave a comment on my Resource Page.

Design Inspiration: Media Militia

I StumbledUpon this blog and while searching through it I was immediately impressed and inspired. Media Militia is loaded with quality resources like Tutorials and Freebies. Download high grade textures, brushes, vectors, and images, even a few abstract renders. They encourage personal and commercial use. I felt like a kid in a candy store! The content is pretty straightforward, so the posts are easy to read through. I also found them extremely informative; within ten minutes I learned 3 new techniques (although an expert I am not).

Also, be inspired by their inspiration. Media Militia has a section dedicated to work they find stimulating. You can follow them on Twitter (if that’s your thing), subscribe to their feed (my thing) or even submit your own work.  Media Militia gets 2 thumbs up. Check it out!

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