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Click to go to my Photography PageIn case I do have someone who checks this blog every so often, I thought you would like to know…

My posts have been a bit sporadic to non-existent lately because of some major changes; I moved from Chicago to Florida in November and October was chock full of making preparations. I’m still adjusting to life in the Sunshine State, but I will be resuming my blogging duties soon. Even though I haven’t been posting, I have been collecting topics to write about and I’ve been working on other projects. One of which I’m pleased to announce:

I updated my website!

Click to go to My Portfolio I added more photos to my photography page and I added some artwork and graphic design work to my portfolio. By looking through this blog, you may figure out that I have an interest in graphics and I’m determined to learn more about it while advancing my skills. For my portfolio, I gave myself some assignments to work on like band posters and cd album covers. I also included work I’ve done for others. Check it out and if you love/hate what you see, let me know. I welcome constructive criticism.

Disclaimer: my site has some glitches that at the moment the solution eludes me, but it’s only a matter of time…

Rock the Vote T-Shirt Design Competition

So I’m on the Rock the Vote mailing list, (it was through them that I registered to vote) and here appeared this challenge: “Want to be a T-Shirt Designer?” “Of course.” I thought to myself. They were hosting a t-shirt design competition for health-care reform with an emphasis on youth and entry was free (always a good thing). The entries are narrowed down to 5 finalists and left up to everyone else to vote for the design that becomes apart of the Rock the Vote Store. Various prizes are awarded to the winner, but I think the most important one of course is having your design available for sale. It was worth a try.

Health and Death Sketch

Health and Death Sketch

I thought of health symbols that are instantly recognizable and settled on the rod with the snake entwined. I did a little research and found out two things:

  1. It is called the Rod of Asclepius which is associated with the Greek god Asclepius who was the practitioner of medicine.
  2. The Rod of Asclepius is most commonly confused with the Rod of Caduceus, a messenger’s staff which has two entwined snakes with wings.

Well I wanted to play with the idea of health and death so I drew the symbol to your right. The logo for the shirt is below. Even though I currently don’t know the finalists, this has certainly inspired me to start looking for more competitions such as this.

My T-shirt Design Entry

My T-shirt Design Entry

Aviary – Free Editing Online Tools

Can’t afford Photoshop? Or maybe you would like to have the power of Photoshop available at any computer? I would like to introduce you to Aviary, a website that offers image editing tools for free online. From the same people who brought you Worth1000.com (hosts daily photo manipulation contests), Aviary provides an inexpensive alternative for expensive digital editing software and consists of a community of artists of all skill levels that showcase their work in the site gallery. Users keep full rights to the artwork they post. For support there’s a forum and various tutorials. If you really get involved in Aviary and would like to use it for more private commercial applications you can upgrade to a Pro account for a low yearly subscription. Here’s a quick video demonstration of what you can do with Aviary.

Unzipping a kitty in Aviary.com

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