Ooops! I missed a week…

Actually it’s the second week I’ve missed of posting in the PostAWeek Challenge, but I have a good reason for it; I was in the Cayman Islands! I went there for work, but I did have a little free time to relax and explore. Grand Cayman is a treasure, the beaches are beautiful and the people are very friendly. I was also blessed to have perfect weather the entire duration of my stay. My only complaint lies with my camera, the Samsung TL-205. The thin plastic cover that protects the lens has stopped working. It no longer completely retracts when the camera is turned on, neither does it fully close when it’s turned off. I’m slowly becoming disenchanted with this device. I’ve kept it in a case since purchase, so I can only chalk it up to poor craftsmanship. My Nikon Coolpix however, was never kept in a case and it was years before I ever encountered a problem. Regardless, here are some pictures from my trip.


Beachin’ It with the Samsung TL205

So I’ve been living in Florida for almost a year now, but I’ve only just recently gotten another compact digital camera. It’s a Samsung TL205. I must say I was a little skeptical before purchasing it. Samsung isn’t my camera ideal brand, I prefer Canon (I’m still mourning the loss of my Digital Elph SD1000, but that’s another story). However, I am slowly falling in love with this device. It’s very slim and lightweight, (easy to put in your purse) but I would recommend getting a case, because it does also feel fragile.

Things I love about my TL205:

  • wide range of photo sizes (from small to poster)
  • various photo styles (my favs. are Retro, Vivid, and Classic)
  • decent battery life. I usually use it for 2 or more events before it dies.
  • great image/video quality

Things I’m not too fond of:

  • macro is finicky. Sometimes I have to work too hard to get it to focus on the right thing.
  • technical glitches. Could be just my model, but sometimes when I press the shutter the scrolling menu pops up instead, preventing me from taking the picture
  • manual setting is too time consuming It’s easier to just use Auto (you’re probably thinking duh! but there are times when I like to have more control over my image)
  • mine did not come with the removable battery charger. I would prefer not to plug the whole camera into an outlet, in case of a short.

Of course having a camera is only part of the equation of producing a great picture. With no technique/vision or any awareness of photographic concepts, you can produce duds with even the most hi-tech equipment. That’s why I find it important to practice, read materials from professionals in the field, look at the work at others, and maybe even take a class if you can afford it (right now the internet/library is my classroom). The other day I picked up The Creative Photography Handbook by Lee Frost. It is easy to read, gets straight to the point, includes excellent photographic examples, and showed me a whole bunch of new techniques. It’s helping me get better acquainted with my TL205.

Below are some pictures I’ve taken on trips to the beach with the TL205. Click here for the full gallery. Like or don’t like what you see? Leave a comment.

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